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The art of Soap making is not something new.  It used to be made in every home out of pure necessity.  Animals were hunted or raised and their fat was rendered down in a big cast iron pot over an open fire.  The ashes were then gathered from the fire or from wood-burning stoves.  The two were combined and the end product was a hard soap bar which could be used to wash their body, their clothes or their dishes.  The environment was not sterile or even clean.  Nothing was measured.  There were no recipes.  There were no scents.  How to make soap had been passed down from generation to generation.  No questioning or concerns of it being good for your skin, or good for the environment.


Minty Lavender oatmeal1xToday soap can still be made the same exact way.  The ingredients used then are still available.  Only now, we have more information available, more different types of oils available,  and scents for our personal products available.  Science has researched the properties of the different oils and now know how each effect the skin.  We also, now know how different essential oils and scents effect the skin, the senses, our moods and our thought processes.  We know how harvesting the different oils and butters effect the environment and the earth.

Kim’s Soaps-

Our soaps are made from food grade ingredients, in my kitchen.  The lye, oils, fragrance oils and essential oils are carefully weighed.  The oils which are used, are chosen for the properties they bring to the soap. They are not drying and are very mild.  Every ingredient is listed on the label of each and every product.  They Body Butters go on smooth, are not greasy, and safe to use on the young or the old.  The lip balms are moisturizing and help to protect your lips.

All products are made in small batches to assure each receives a personal, hand-made touch.  Sometimes this means you may have to wait a few weeks for a requested product to cure, It is worth the wait!

Each new batch of soap, salts, lotions and lip balms are tested on a group of volunteers, who freely offer feedback, both positive and negative.



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